Flotation Tanks

Flotation Tanks (sometimes referred to as Sensory Deprivation tanks) are lightless, soundproof tanks inside which, a person floats in a shallow depth of salt water heated to body temperature. These tanks are rapidly growing in popularity as a medium for meditation and deep relaxation.

The relevance of FlowVis® to the Float Tank industry is related to the fact that as with any body of water that the public have access to bathe in, it is crucial that adequate filtration rates and sanitation takes place. Public Swimming Pools and Spas require a specific turnover rate in order to meet public health codes. Turnover rates are determined by water volume, flow rate (GPM) and time. While Float Tanks are not yet mandated to have such turnover rates, the industry itself is recognizing that this is an important requirement of their operation in order to gain customer confidence.

H2flow has developed the first and only flow meter specifically designed for Float Tanks. To add further credibility to the product, it has been independently certified by NSF as a Level 1 flow meter – meaning that its average accuracy is greater than 98%.

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