latest flowvis® flow meter for svrs installations

April 9, 2012 - H2flow is pleased to announce the release of its latest update of the highly successful FlowVis™ flow meter.

Until now, the FlowVis™ could not be deployed where SVRS or Automatic Pump Shut Off systems were utilized for VGB compliance; the language used in the test procedures for these systems mandates that Check Valves are not allowed. In it’s standard format, FlowVis™ serves not only as a highly accurate and reliable flow meter, but also as a check valve.

FlowVis-S maintains the functionality of a flow meter but the flapper has a unique design that prevents it from seating to the valve body, thereby rendering the check valve function inoperative.

FlowVis-S models are currently on sale. Contact your local H2flow representative for more information.