Flowvis® now corrosion resistant


Effective immediately, FlowVis is now a ‘corrosion resistant’ flow meter and check valve combination.

Says H2flow’s CEO, Paul Hackett – “Since its launch in 2013, FlowVis has proven to be an incredibly reliable product and remains the only NSF 50 certified flow meter in the world today. However, as we strive to achieve a 0% failure rate, we acknowledge that the inclusion in the filtration system of so-called ‘erosion style chemical feeders’, can cause extremely high concentrations of chlorine, acid, and even chlorine gas to be leaked into equipment around the feeder’s injection point when the pump is turned off. Although less than 100 units have experienced some form of damage caused by these types of feeders not operating correctly, we consider even a 0.4% failure rate to be too high. In recognizing that we cannot change the design of the chemical feeder, we decided to upgrade the already high quality materials used in FlowVis and to make the product Corrosion Resistant”.

The three items included in the upgrade are:

  • Check valve flapper's seal changed from EPDM to Viton
  • Pivot pin changed from 316 stainless steel to glass filled plastic
  • Spring changed from 316 stainless steel to Hastelloy c-276

inally, H2flow announced that these significant enhancements would not incur any price adjustments to the product.