an ac drive for every application

H2flow offers Variable Frequency Drives for a wide range of motor sizes and application types. Our AC drive solutions serve a broad spectrum of industries, ranging from Food & Beverage to Power Generation, and from Oil & Gas to Process Manufacturing, and everything in between.

Like all H2flow products, our VFDs are built to exacting standards. Our AC Drives offer advanced features and functionality such as: built-in shaft power monitoring, load curve protection, automatic pump speed control, robust and compact design, and an array of communication options, to name a few.

Are you ready for a future based on smart drive solutions? We are.

H2flow offers complete drive solutions that ensure the safe and cost-efficient operation of demanding industrial applications. We provide smart solutions to users, operators, system integrators, and OEMs around the world. We provide solutions wherever there are demanding applications, such as cranes, water handling systems, or material handling systems.


Maximum power under full control

In 1977, Emotron was the first company to introduce an AC Drive based on Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). Further developments led to one of the first market launches of AC Drives with direct torque control in 1998. The Emotron technology has an extremely fast response time, since actual and required torque is compared 40,000 times per second.

Emotron AC Drives can provide the highest possible torque per ampre from a normal industrial motor, offering the option of controlling a motor without a rotor sensor while still maintaining control of torque and speed.