new ip20/21 version of fdu & vfx drive

January 7, 2013 - Emotron FDU/VFX is now available in IP20/21 (NEMA 1) version up to 132 kW! The new IP20/21 series of drives from CG targets users of cabinet or wall mounted AC drives and is based on the globally well proven range of Emotron FDU and VFX, IP54 units.

A robust mechanical design, easy access to connection terminals and a high level of component integration have been key objectives in the development and the new series includes standard features like:

  • Direct torque control for accurate and fast control (Emotron VFX)
  • Dedicated pump and fan control (Emotron FDU)
  • Programmable logical functions including comparators and timers
  • Motor load monitor with alarm level auto-set
  • Multi-lingual control panel with single-function keys and copy function
  • Built-in DC-choke for reduced harmonics and maximum voltage utilization
  • Integrated EMC filter Category C3
  • Speed controlled fan in all powers for extended equipment lifetime

The IP20/21 series of drives are optimized for mounting in electrical cabinets (IP20) or directly on a control room wall (IP21) and cover powers up to 132 kW. For decentralized applications and harsh environments however, H2flow recommends the IP54 (NEMA 12) units of the same series.