pool & spa

Pool owners and operators face many difficult challenges when it comes to maintaining their facilities, keeping operating and maintenance costs as low as possible, and ensuring the safety of swimmers. H2flow products are well proven in pool and spa applications around the world. Excellent reliability, advanced functionality, and superior product innovation have been the cornerstones of H2flow's success in the pool & spa industry.

By lowering operating speeds, H2flow's Variable Speed Drives provide customers with the ability to experience dramatic energy savings relating to their swimming pool pumps. In addition, AC Drives from H2flow provide users with the ability to keep the filtration system working at its optimum performance, extend equipment life, and reduce chemical usage.

Knowing the flow is a critial aspect of maintaining efficient and effective pool filtration. H2flow's unique and patented FlowVis® is a revolutionary flow meter that has become the product of choice with many operators and owners.

VGB compliance has never been more reliable than with the Emotron PSP20. It's unique motor shaft power measurement technique ensures that bather entrapment is detected quickly and the pump is shut off within 1 second. The PSP20 is the only system that includes a written guarantee of no nuisance trips.

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