profinet for emotron ac drives

September 7, 2012 - A new Profinet option board provides Emotron FDU/VFX AC drives with a fast real time industrial Ethernet interface, offering high reliability and efficiency.

Profinet IO offers fast real time industrial Ethernet communication for Emotron FDU/VFX AC drives. Standard TCP/IP traffic can continue to flow in the network in parallel. This opens up for vertical integration of production to ERP and MES systems, or access to a built-in web server for simple diagnostics and parameter settings.

By using the Profinet IO option in combination with managed switches supporting MRP or MRRT protocols, you can implement very robust LANs with redundant information paths. Reliability is improved since the process can continue also if one Ethernet cable is damaged.

The option is available as either a 1-port or 2-port version. Both versions include the Profinet Fast Start Up feature, which allows a machine to quickly come into operation at power on. The 2-port module also supports LLDP and SNMP protocols, which can significantly improve diagnostic information and cut downtime in the case of a communication fault. Further, the 2-port module has a built-in switch for easy daisy-chaining between units.

The AC drive is controlled by a simple I/O data control/status message, which can be customized to your application. The option is delivered with a CD containing Simatic Step7 PLC code examples for a quick implementation.