record 1st quarter sales for h2flow

March 29, 2013 - H2flow today reported its sales and earnings for the first-quarter (ending March 31st, 2013). Net sales for the first-quarter of the fiscal year exceed the previous high set in 2009 by approximately 12.7 percent. Due to company policy, earnings and sales figures will not be released.

“We’re off to a solid start, with record first-quarter sales,” said Paul Hackett, H2flow Controls, Inc. President and CEO. “We’re continuing to grow our brand by expanding our product portfolio and providing our customers with the same quality products and service that they’ve come to expect from H2flow”.

The M20 Shaft Power Monitor and H2flow brand control panels accounted for approximately 21.3% and 33.3% of total sales respectively, making them the two largest selling products in the company’s portfolio.

“Our customers appreciate that H2flow supplies high-quality products,” Hackett added. “That is what what we’re known for, and it’s one of the primary reasons that our brand is experiencing the growth that it is”.