record m20 sales in first half of 2013

July 15, 2013 - Today H2flow reported its sales for the M20 Shaft Power Monitor through the first two quarters of 2013 (ending June 30th, 2013). Net sales for the product through the first two quarters of the fiscal year exceed the previous high set in 2012 by approximately 48.1 percent. Due to company policy, sales figures will not be released.

“We’re very pleased with the continued strong performance of the M20 in the marketplace” said Paul Hackett, President and CEO of H2flow Controls, Inc. “It’s rare to see a product that is as established as the M20 experience such tremendous growth. I think that’s a testiment to what an excellent product the M20 truly is”.

More than 600,000 monitors have been installed worldwide and 80% of these have been used to protect pumps. The M20 is highly regarded for its simplicity of operation as well as its reliability and small physical size.

The M20 accounts for approximately 30.4 percent of H2flow’s 2013 sales YTD, which is the largest percentage of any one of the company’s products.

“The M20 has long been a staple product for our company,” Hackett added. “It’s one of the reasons that customers keep coming back to us; they know the quality of the M20 and what it can do for them”.