Efficient and safe saw operation

A saw often requires a quick stop for security or productivity reasons. Emotron soft starts offer advanced braking techniques that eliminate the need for expensive and space-consuming external brakes. This will save you both investment and maintenance costs.


Quick stops without mechanical brakes

The built-in vector brake of Emotron soft starts ensures quick and safe stops of your saw without the need for mechanical brakes. For band saws or saw applications requiring very short braking times, a built-in reverse current brake ensures quick and safe stops. This offers improved safety and productivity as well as reduced installation and maintenance costs.

built-in load monitor prevents damage

The torque control of Emotron soft starts also minimizes start currents, reducing mechanical stress and extending equipment lifetime. Smaller cables and fuses can be used, reducing energy and installation costs. In addition, a built-in load monitor prevents damage and inefficiency. Any deviation from your selected load levels will result in a warning or a quick controlled stop. You can rely on an efficient and reliable operation all the time.

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