Are you ready for a future based on smart drive solutions? We are.

H2flow offers complete drive solutions that ensure the safe and cost-efficient operation of demanding industrial applications. We provide smart solutions to users, operators, system integrators, and OEMs around the world. We provide solutions wherever there are demanding applications, such as cranes, water handling systems, or material handling systems.


material handling

Working in mining, mineral processing and cement making means harsh operating and environmental conditions. Heavy loads, abra­sive dust and dirt, and extreme weather and temperatures, often in remote locations. Our Emotron drive solutions can help control doz­ens or even hundreds of processes in order to optimise their perfor­mance under varying input conditions and with varying demand – by controlling the speed of the motor driving the process. Our offering ranges from 0.5 kW to 3 MW at voltages up to 690 V.

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Our crane drive solutions, based on a wide range of standard com­ponents, can easily be configured for robust service in major crane types: Harbour container cranes (STS, RMG, RTG), grab portal cranes and slewing cranes. Industrial EOT bridge cranes such as grab, hook and ladle cranes or portal cranes. Tower cranes for the building construction business. Special features include optimised grab control, electronic flange control for fully synchronised travel for rail-mounted cranes. Our active front end regenerative units improve the energy-efficiency for cranes.

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water handling

Whether you are operating in irrigation, sewage treatment, flood con­trol or a process industry, we can set up a system dimensioned for your needs, with all necessary safety limits installed. Our AC drives adapt the pressure/flow to the level required. Our softstarters and shaft power monitors offer protection from unnecessary downtime, energy loss and equipment damage. Warning and safety stop levels are easy to set. Deviations from normal operation are quickly detect­ed over the whole speed range, thanks to our patented pump load curve protection.

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AC Drive Product selection

H2flow offers a complete range of AC Drives for variable and constant torque applications. Click below to see the entire product range.