The H2flow TSA-Plus takes motor control to a new level. Soft torque starting, intelligent load monitoring, and smart stops are all included and accompanied by a robust and compact design. The TSA-Plus was developed specifically to provide advanced motor control and pump protection for sealless magnetically-driven pumps.

Key Features

  • Intelligent shunt-rated bypass contactor

  • Torque ramp with current limit

  • Motor load monitoring with auto-set of alarm levels

  • Alarm history with time and date stamp as well as a readout of the motor load when the problem occurred

  • Pump protection for up to four different processes performed by the same pump

  • Molded Case Circuit Breaker with thru-the-door handle mechanism

  • Programmable logical and timer functions with Real Time Clock

  • Multi-lingual control panel with single-function keys and copy function

  • Compact dimensions

  • Conformal coated circuit boards

  • Slow speed and jog operation

  • Smart stops with built-in braking functionality




Technical Data

RATED POWER5 - 20 HP @230V / 10 - 40 HP @460V
SUPPLY VOLTAGE230V, 3-phase; 460V, 3-phase
RATED CURRENTModel dependent

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The benefits of Sealless, Mag Drive pumps are well-known and respected. However, the reality is that system upsets occur and pumps are run dry. Whereas a conventional pump can tolerate this, most Mag Drive pumps cannot. Failure to protect the pump will almost certainly result in significant repair or replacement costs...


After more than 25 years of protecting Mag Drive pumps from run dry conditions, our renowned M20 Shaft Power Monitor now has a 'Big Brother'. With far greater functionality, our TSA-Plus not only incorporates the benefits of the M20, but also introduces an array of additional, unique features that are not available from any other product. Features such as complete motor control with soft starting and supply monitoring will greatly reduce the life cycle costs of these types of pumps.

The TSA-Plus is a fully assembled solution with so many standard features that it's hard to imagine how so much could cost so little!



Starting currents reduced by +30% versus reduced voltage Soft Starters


tsa-plus versus alternative starting methods (x fla)

TSA-Plus lowers starting currents by an additional 30% versus reduced voltage Soft Starters.

Eliminate Dry-Run Failure

Replacing bearings, magnets and containment shells can be very expensive. The damage can often be so severe that a complete replacement pump may be required.

A feature of the TSA-Plus is its patented Shaft Power Monitoring technology. The pump's working load is constantly monitored and compared to protection parameters. An abnormal condition, such as dry-running, will cause a drop in shaft power and the TSA-Plus will automatically shut the pump down - before damage occurs.

Right: Damaged magnets and containment shells are typically seen when a pump continues to operate in a dry-running condition. The TSA-Plus works as a safeguard against such failures.


TSA-Plus Models & Ratings

NOTE: Models for 230V applications have a '-2' following the part number shown in the above table. Models for 460V applications have a '-4'. e.g., TSA-P-XX-2 or TSA-P-XX-4.

Product Literature

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