Water purification plant runs 24/7 with Emotron drives

The Beilen water purification plant needed updating to improve reliability and deliver assured 24/7 operation. The project began in early 2010, and involved a complete rebuild. In the early stages of the project, the specifications were not entirely finalized, so our first challenge was to select the correct drives. To ensure success, good communication between all the project participants was essential. CG Drives & Automation personnel placed great emphasis on the quality of communication throughout, and matched it with a high level of service and responsiveness.


Emotron drives solve the problem

The chosen solution was wall-mounted Emotron IP54 drives, with both FDU and VFX modules. All the drives at the plant have now been replaced by energy-saving Emotron frequency inverters, taking advantage of their high reliability over extended service lives.

ease of use secured decision

The project team at the customer’s site in Beilen was already familiar with the ease of control of Emotron drives. Set alongside the drives’ proven performance, this gave the team complete peace of mind in their decision.

Additionally, since the plant needs to operate reliably around the clock, CG Drives & Automation’s excellent service level was also seen as highly attractive by the Water Board.


In Brief

Customer: Beilen Water Purification Plant, Netherlands

Challenge: Unclear project specification and communication problems


  • Emotron NEMA 12 (IP54) drives, both FDU and VFX models
  • Emphasis on service and communication


  • Assured 24/7 operation
  • Peace of mind for user