water & wastewater

Introducing speed control to water and wastewater operations can result in considerable energy savings. Variable Frequency Drives from H2flow were developed specifically for applications such as pumps, conveyors, blowers, aerators, barscreens, and clarifiers - just like those found in water and wastewater treatment facilities! Municipalities everywhere use AC Drives from H2flow to improve process reliability, reduce energy consumption, and decrease wear on equipment.

Soft Starts offer several of the same advantages as AC Drives for applications such as aerators, centrifuges, and perhaps most notably, in pump applications - where Soft Starts enable the customer to eliminate the harmful effects of water hammer.

Monitoring solutions from H2flow are frequently used at water and wastewater facilities on clarifiers and submersible pump applications as a form of preventative maintenance. Monitoring solutions from H2flow reduce downtime and equipment wear, and increase product reliability and productivity.

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