The Emotron M20 offers reliable, repeatable results for monitoring and protecting machines and processes against abnormal conditions. The M20 reduces overall maintenance costs by monitoring motor power to eliminate potentially hazardous conditions. With over 500,000 units installed worldwide, it's easy to see why the M20 is the world's most trusted motor monitoring solution.

By using the motor as a sensor, the M20 eliminates the need for external sensors and extra cabling, and no holes need to be made in pipes. The result is increased reliability and reduced investment, installation, and maintenance costs.

Key Features

  • Utilizes highly accurate and repeatable ‘Shaft Power’

  • Simple 3-second setup

  • Scalable analog output

  • Protection against underload and overload conditions


Typical Applications

  • Pumps

  • Conveyors

  • Fans

  • Mixers

  • Mills

  • Bar Screens

  • Clarifiers

  • Agitators

  • Blenders

  • Grain Legs

  • Airlocks

  • Grit Collectors


The advantages of protecting your pumps with the Emotron M20.

Protecting centrifugal and progressive cavity pumps with the M20.

Demonstration of pump protection with an M20.

Protecting a rotary airlock with an M20.

Technical Data

SUPPLY VOLTAGE100-240V / 380-500V / 525-690V
RATED CURRENTUp to 999 Amps via current transducer

500,000+ Emotron Power Monitors have been installed worldwide!

Shaft Power vs. the Competition

Unlike Amp / Current monitors, the M20 Shaft Power Monitor reliably protects motor driven equipment from abnormal process conditions such as pump dry run or jamming of a conveyor. In addition to providing inexpensive overload and underload protection, the M20 also provides process optimization and load control capability. Typical applications include conveyor monitoring, pump monitoring, and grinder monitoring.

The M20 achieves accurate and repeatable results by using a patented algorithm to achieve true shaft horsepower, which enables the M20 to provide protection against conditions such as:

  • Overload

  • Jams

  • Loss of load

  • Misplaced parts


Accurate whatever the load

The Emotron shaft power monitoring technology offers very accurate, reliable, and cost-efficient supervision of electric motor-driven processes. It was patented in 1979 and since then has been the basis for our shaft power monitors as well as a unique integrated feature in our AC Drives and Soft Starts.

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